6 Ways to Naturally Clean a Wood Cutting Board

6 Ways to Naturally Clean a Wood Cutting Board


Cutting boards are a must in every kitchen to help prepare good meals. But you should know, not all cutting boards created equal.

Plastic cutting boards are an economical and durable pick whereas stone-based cutting boards made out of marble or granite look amazing and work really well for your Insta stories as a platter but is not something that you can use for everyday cutting and chopping.

Easier on knives than a plastic or stone cutting boards, the classic wood cutting boards serve as a multipurpose item in your kitchen- as a cutting board and a serving tray that not only solves the everyday cutting and chopping purpose but also doubles as an aesthetically pleasing serving platter for your to serve and share as your social media stories and posts.


However, with their porous surface, wood cutting boards can become a breeding ground for bacterias if not cleaned properly. As it is made out of wood, the cleaning process of the cutting board is different than most of your cooking appliances.

But worry not, as we are here to guide you on how to buff up your wooden cutting board so it stays fabulous and functional for years to come.


  1. Say no to dishwasher

No matter how tired you are to wash the wood cutting board, do not make the mistake of putting it in a dishwasher as at the end of it, you might find not one but two cutting boards. The long exposure to heat and water in the dishwasher could cause your board to warp, crack or split.


  1. Wash it manually, by hands

A soft sponge, a gentle soap wash and lukewarm water should be enough to properly clean the wood cutting board. Scrub hard enough to take out all the gunk that gets stored in the crevices.


  1. Stains need to be removed at the very moment

Not much can be done if the stain gets saturated into the wood so immediately after the board gets stained wash it right away. You can try removing the stain with a fine sandpaper or scrub sponge, just don’t get carried away with the scrubbing.


  1. Do not let it soak in the sink

Again, prolonged exposure to water can destroy your wooden cutting board, so just wash it right away after every use and let it air dry evenly


  1. Use vinegar to remove odors

Cutting boards when in use for years get a lot of knicks and cuts on the surface and can become stinky as food particles get stuck in the cuts.

Treat your board with white vinegar to get rid of the stench. Fill up a spray bottle with vinegar and give your board a generous spritzing if the odor is mild. Let it sit for a couple minutes before rinsing off the board with water.

If the odor is toxic, fill up a sink or bin with white vinegar and dunk the board for a minute or two. Rinse off the board with water and let it air dry.


  1. Regular conditioning with oil

Regularly oiling your board will keep the wood in good condition as the oil soaks into the grain of the wood and helps nourish it and preserve its natural state. Oil it every two weeks to a month, depending on the usage of your board. A maple cutting board will get lighter in color when it’s ready for an oiling, while other wood boards will feel dry to the touch.

Apply a generous layer of refined mineral oil on both sides and let it sit for a couple of hours.


Follow these simple cleaning hacks to naturally clean your cutting board and also, oil it on a regular basis to keep your wood cutting board functional and fabulous.


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