Organizing and hosting a patriotic 4th of July party, planning all the cooking, entertainment and traditional decorations, can be quite overwhelming at times. As the Independence Day is getting closer, we are here to help you relieve your stress as we guide you throughout the process of throwing an epic party celebrating America’s love for food, family and homeland. We hope to help you create the perfect star-spangled soiree with an amazing outdoor BBQ bash.



Cooking for a large group of people requires a great deal of planning as the enormous quantities suggest. As every cookout party throughout the summer serves the same menu including the usual Easy recipes for Summer Barbecues, hamburgers and hotdogs, surprise your guests with some unexpected gourmet delights that will make your throw-out stand out.

Try cooking in batches, and consider cooking and experimenting with a variety of food items that have varying cooking times, for instance different kinds of burgers, vegetarian options, grilled fruits and the authentic grandma’s coleslaw recipe. You can also consider including non-traditional choices like olive tapenade, charred jalapeño-lime aioli, or bacon-shishito relish along with a choice of buns and tons of condiment options.


While planning the meal do not forget to add a few all-American dishes like potato salad, coleslaw, burgers, steak, and ribs. Your meal should have two main options, two side dishes and a few fingers food, with meat and cheese being a crowd favorite. Your guests will be socializing so make sure you arrange some bite-sized snack and a disposal option so they don’t have to hold on to anything while having a chat.


The choice for refreshments depends upon the menu you are serving. For an ideal throw-out, include a minimum of three drink options, of which one should be water. Place a water pitcher on each table or set-up a beverage station. Include water or seltzer fruit infusers like lemons and limes or blueberries and strawberries to fit the patriotic theme. Stir-up a few familiar cocktails along with one or more drinks that may be new to your guests.


The perfect way to finish off a 4th July feast is a good deal of crowd-pleasing classic desserts like pies, trifles, and simple red, white, and blue frosted cupcakes, decorated in some patriotic colors and topped with a few sparklers. You can also choose to wow the crowd by baking a cake and garnishing it like an American flag with flashy sparklers that’ll truly make the cake delightful. Create a dessert centerpiece or dessert buffet palate and stick to just a handful of party-themed choices. Preferably, stick to fruits that are summer’s harvest like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries to make it more extravagant.



Thriving on Charcuterie boards with special attention to the color so as to convey a patriotic theme makes the feast extremely exceptional. The artful display of finger foods and dessert delights on a wooden board is something truly spectacular to grace your 4th of July. Get your hands on a classic Charcuterie board from Kitchen Board Maniacs and wow your guests like never before.

For starters, a Charcuterie board is basically just an assembly of meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits and nuts artfully displayed on a platter or cutting board.

You can add meat, cheese and bread in a platter with special attention and detail to the colors of the fruits like Blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, blueberries, cherries, coconut, black and/or red grapes, and vegetables like Red bell pepper, black olives, cherry tomatoes, radishes, white mushrooms, cauliflower

You can use star shaped cookie cutters to cut cheese slices into thin stars. Tinting white dips like some fresh vanilla yoghurt is also a great idea.

For the sweet land, load up your Charcuterie board with cupcakes, cookies and pie with red, blue and white frosting and top it off with a great deal of sparklers. You can also add candies, Muddy Buddies, white chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered strawberries, yogurt dipped dried cranberries, and marshmallows and get as creative with your platter as possible.


Embellishing your party with red, blue and white touches of simplistic centerpieces can totally change the ball game and make your party sing. Make sure to shop early for the best party themed decors including America’s birthday-themed paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils, serving utensils, flags, and sparklers. Ace it off with strategically placed streamers, patriotic pinwheels, and small flags and make your throw-out stand out.

Make sure to add some form of entertainment like a playlist or streamed music channel, alongside a few games for your guests to enjoy. Plan your music selection ahead of time and make sure to include something patriotic. Without second thoughts, including simple games like croquet, cornhole, patriotic-themed scavenger hunt, or playing cards are going to be perfect choices.


Make your last impression worth remembering with a few thoughtful and pleasant giveaways for your guests, that must include something sweet and something fun. Make sure it is as extravagant as possible and has goodies that your guests will love. Place a few decorated cookies and other baked goods in a simple white handbag with patriotic-themed ribbons or hand-tags. A basket of baked goods with a few sparklers is also a thoughtful idea for your guests to enjoy at the party or after they leave.

As giveaways portray a special gesture, you can also consider gifting someone a succulent plant that reflect your faith and belief in your guest with the responsibility of nurturing something. It represents an incredible gesture of respect, care, love and good health. You can also look forward to gifting your guests some premium quality Charcuterie Boards exclusively from Kitchen Board Maniacs with a little message that shows how grateful you have been for their presence on the auspicious day.


Wish you and your family a lovely 4th of July from Kitchen Board Maniacs. Let us all take a moment to appreciate and celebrate a nation, where the spirit of pride, greatness and honor is common to every soul.

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