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Have a Fantastic Start to the New Year 2022!!

Each country appears to have its own unique New Year's Eve celebrations, complete with diverse customs aimed at assuring good health, prosperity, and happiness in the following year.

We may discover strange cultural twists that seem foreign to us as we learn more about the various New Year's celebrations around the world. These diverse ways of celebrating the New Year, on the other hand, are part of what makes travelling the world so delightful.

Whether you're spending New Year's Eve in a faraway land or with family and friends at home, you're bound to have a few New Year's traditions. Singing "Auld Lang Syne- Happy New Year song" to welcome the New Year and eating black-eyed peas for good luck are common traditions across the United States.

Around the world, cultures celebrate the change of the calendar with their own New Year's traditions. Here are some of our favourite New Year's Eve traditions from around the world.

People in many nations around the world will celebrate the start of a new year on the night of December 31 and the morning of January 1. What will they do to remember the occasion, and when did this custom begin?

So, let's look at some of the more interesting New Year's traditions from around the world and see how people will ring in the new year. Who can say? Maybe you'll find something fun to incorporate into your own New Year's celebrations along the way.

So, get ready, because New Year's Eve is coming soon!


United States

Some people prefer to go out with their pals, others prefer to go out with hundreds of thousands of friends (Times Square, New York), and yet others prefer to stay at home and relax. Whatever you do, kissing the one you love at the stroke of midnight is a tradition in the United States.


In Spain, it is customary to eat 12 grapes at midnight on New Year's Eve, one at each stroke of the clock. Each grape symbolises good fortune for one month of the coming year. People gather in main squares in larger cities like Madrid and Barcelona to eat grapes and pass around bottles of cava.


Colombians walk around the block with empty luggage in the hopes of a new year filled with travel. This is a New Year's resolution we can support!


To fend off evil spirits, Danish people welcome the New Year by smashing old plates and glasses on the doors of family and friends. In the hopes of bringing good luck, they also stand on chairs and jump off of them jointly at midnight.


People in Finland forecast the coming year by pouring molten tin into a container of water and analysing the shape the metal acquires after it hardens. A wedding is predicted by a heart or ring, travel is predicted by a ship, and lots of food is predicted by a pig.


In Panama, it is customary to burn effigies (muecos) of well-known people such as television characters and political figures to ward off evil spirits for a fresh New Year's start. The effigies are meant to represent the previous year.


During Scotland's New Year's Eve celebration of Hogmanay, "first-footing" is practised throughout the country. The first person who enters a home in the New Year should bring a lucky gift. Scots also hold bonfire ceremonies in which people parade while swinging giant fireballs on poles, ostensibly symbols of the sun, to purify the coming year.


On New Year's Eve, round shapes can be found all over the Philippines as representations of coins to symbolise prosperity in the coming year. Many households have fruit bowls on their tables, and some individuals eat exactly 12 round fruits (grapes are the most typical) at midnight. Many people believe that wearing polka dots will bring them good luck.


Wearing special underwear on New Year's Eve is considered lucky in Brazil, as well as other Central and South American countries such as Ecuador, Bolivia, and Venezuela. Red, which is considered to bring love, and yellow, which is thought to bring money, are the most popular colours for the New Year.


By far the most important holiday in Russia is New Year's Eve. Red Square is Moscow's version of Times Square, except that the music, the craziness, the martinis, and the fireworks all begin at midnight, rather than leading up to it.


The magnificent clocktower rings at midnight for tens of thousands of people who have gathered along the banks of the River Thames for a spectacular fireworks display. More importantly, legend has it that the first visitor to enter your home in the United Kingdom should be a young man with gifts, ensuring prosperity in the next year.


On New Year's Eve, people in Ireland put mistletoe under their mattresses to bring love luck.


The theme in Iceland is fire. Bonfires are lit to help purge the previous year and begin anew.


On New Year's Eve, an onion is traditionally placed on the front entrance of Greek homes as a symbol of rebirth in the next year. On New Year's Day, parents awaken their children by tapping them on the back of the head with an onion.


To represent happiness and good fortune in the New Year, Chinese people paint their front doors red  lanterns, red money packets for children, red rackets for married couples, and red money packets for children are all linked with New Year's Eve in China.

South Africa

Some South Africans, notably in Johannesburg's Hillbrow suburb, take cleaning for the new year to a whole new level. Throwing outdated furniture and appliances from high-rise windows serves to brighten the new year.


Spectacular fireworks displays are held in many cities around the world as soon as the clock strikes midnight on December 31. Because New Year arrives in Sydney before most other major international cities, it has hosted one of the first of these celebrations in recent years. The display takes place in Sydney Harbour, which features the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. As 12 a.m. strikes around the world, fireworks light up the skies in hundreds of cities.



Around the world, food is utilised to celebrate the New Year. In many countries, choosing the appropriate food has a significant impact on the coming year's prospects.


  1.  Hoppin' John, American South.
  2. A dozen grapes, Spain
  3. Mexico's tamales
  4. Oliebollen is a town in the Netherlands.
  5. Austria and Germany's Marzipanschwein or Glücksschwein
  6. Japan's soba noodles
  7. Around the world, king cake
  8. Italy's Cotechino with lenticchie
  9. Poland and Scandinavian pickled herring
  10. Denmark, Norway, and Kransekage


Recipes for a Happy New Year's Day in 2022

Smothered Cabbage with Bacon

Cabbage is a good option for the greens section of a happy New Year's dinner.

The recipe requires no particular preparation; simply dice and sauté the bacon and onions, then add the cabbage and boil for 20 minutes in chicken stock or water. Only four ingredients, plus salt and pepper, are needed to make this boiled cabbage with bacon. Remove the bacon and replace the chicken stock with vegetable broth for vegetarians and vegans. Alternatively, use a meat-free bacon substitute.

Steps to Make It
  1. Collect the necessary components.
  2. On a kitchen Board Maniac wooden cutting board, dice the bacon strips into 1-inch pieces. Also Set aside the onion, which has been peeled and coarsely chopped.
  3. Cook the diced bacon in a large oven or deep sauté pan with a lid until it is thoroughly cooked but not crunchy.
  4. Remove the bacon bits to paper towels to drain with a slotted spoon; put aside. About 2 tablespoons of the bacon drippings should be left in the pot.
  5. Cook the chopped onion in the bacon drippings for 4 to 5 minutes, turning regularly, until soft and lightly browned.
  6. Pour the chicken broth over the caramelised onions and chopped cabbage.
  7. If the mixture appears to be dry, add more broth or water as needed and continue to boil for another 5 to 10 minutes, or until the cabbage is soft.
  8. Stir in the bits of bacon. Serve after reheating.

         Enjoy the taste.



New Year Party Gift Ideas:

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The start of a new year is a great time to make positive changes. New Year's resolutions are more popular in the Western Hemisphere, although they are also popular in the Eastern Hemisphere. This ritual comprises a person declaring a pledge to modify a bad habit or behaviour, as well as defining a personal goal. However, research reveal that many people fail to keep their New Year's resolutions. It may help you achieve if you are realistic about your goals and don't make too many New Year's resolutions.

Enjoy this special time of year with those you love, and may the Lord bless you all with a happy and healthy New Year.

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