How to Decorate your Kitchen for Christmas

It’s just a few weeks to Christmas, have you started decorating your home? Eye-catching ornaments, tinsel decor, Christmas lights, festive wreaths- your decor list is bang on, but while you focus on your outdoors, living room, and entryway, there’s one area most people usually miss out. We are talking about the heart of the house- your kitchen.

From preparing holiday cookies to Christmas dinner, there’s no denying that during holidays most of your time is spent in the kitchen so why not give your kitchen the Christmas makeover it deserves.

To inspire and get you going, we are here with some amazing kitchen Christmas decor ideas.

  1. Decorate your chairs

Some fir branches tied with an elegant red ribbon can make your kitchen chairs look welcoming and festive.

  1. Glam it up with pretty wreaths

Who said that wreaths are only for the front doors? Your kitchen windows also can be the perfect spot to hang them.

  1. Bring out your holiday dishware

Showcase your holiday plates and accessories to breathe life into the dull kitchen shelves.

  1. Create beautiful floral arrangements

Nothing looks more festive and eye-catchy than a beautiful floral arrangement sitting at the center of your kitchen table. Throw in some beautiful candles and your kitchen is festival ready.

  1. Add greenery with artificial succulent plants

Ideal plants for indoors, succulents take up little space but leave a big impact in terms of decor, freshness and beauty. Place a few succulents on your kitchen windowsill, center table or at a kitchen corner.

  1. Edible decor

Put all your hard work on display. Beautifully arrange the freshly baked Christmas cookies. The decadent aroma of it would set the mood for the holidays.

  1. Warm winter ingredients

For an earthy and understated holiday vibe bring out the pine-cones, cinnamon, acorns and dried fruit and place them in a crystal bowl.

  1. A small Christmas tree

Yes, you already have a beautiful Christmas tree set up in your living room but a small no-fuss faux tree can be set up in your kitchen to add to the kitchen décor.

  1. Hang the fairy lights

If your kitchen has hooks then decorate it with warm fairy lights.

  1. Keep it rustic

Use your wood collection of a cutting board, cheese tray, charcuterie boards for displaying edible goodies and if you have extra Christmas ornaments use them as a holder to place the pieces.

The Christmas spirit is not only about decorating, but it is also equally about the act of giving. And, since we are talking about kitchen here we bring you beautiful kitchen Christmas gifting options that are functional and aesthetic looking.

  • Maple wood cutting board

A solid reliable cutting surface is the need in every kitchen. And, a maple wood cutting board tops all other options. It adds beauty to the work area and for some, that’s an important double duty for any utility item in the kitchen to play. Light in color and full of subtle grain marks, maple wood makes an excellent complement to most work-spaces.

  • Artificial succulent plants

A beautiful gifting option, succulents are easy to maintain indoor plants that come with beautiful potholders that require minimal space. They come in astounding variety in shapes, colors and unique features of frills, spines and flowers.

  • Walnut charcuterie boards

A walnut charcuterie board works as a kitchen display, cookie tray or anything else you can think of and makes for a wonderful gift for Christmas, house warming gift or just get one for yourself. The versatile board can be used to serve appetizers, cheese and charcuterie.

  • State-shaped cheese board

A fun gift item for friends and family, state-shaped cheese boards are made from premium wood, each board is artistically cut in the shape of your favorite state. Size and shapes vary depending on the state you choose.

  • Wine pourer

Christmas celebration is incomplete without wine and wine pourer acts as a unique gift. Get one that fits into the top of the wine bottle before pouring. It saves countertops and tablecloths from drips and spills and comes in different options of glass and steel adding to the aesthetics.

So, to which of these items you’ll be gifting this Christmas?

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