How to Host a Thanksgiving Dinner

How to Host a Thanksgiving Dinner


Hosting a dinner in these times is intimidating, but it’s thanksgiving and you cannot let anything come in between your precious family time. If you are new to hosting a thanksgiving dinner or you do it every year, with so many things to do it can get stressful.

But worry not!

We are here with our expert tips to help you go through the checklist so you are all set to host an amazing thanksgiving dinner which you also enjoy.

Make a plan

Easy yourself. The more you are prepared ahead of time, the more relaxing and fun it will be.

Decide your menu

Finalise your menu but don’t stick to creating it all by yourself. Thanksgiving is a gathering of people who all come together to celebrate love, family, traditions so if they wish to bring something don’t just say no. Instead, ask them to bring wine or a side dish or a dessert.

Review your recipes

Figure out how many pots, pans, serving dishes you will need. If falling short, borrow from a loved one.

Make a grocery list

Along with figuring out the utensils while you review your recipes, make a detailed list of grocery items.

Make-ahead recipes

If it wasn’t for make-ahead recipes not many thanksgiving dinners could be a success. There are so many things to do and just 1 day to cook it all? Choose recipes that can be cooked a day or two in advance like dessert pies or cranberry sauce or side dishes.

Don’t get too experimental

If you haven’t tried a recipe before, now is not the time to create it. Stick to recipes that work in your favour. Make simple things that are delicious.

Defrost frozen food

If you are using a frozen item make sure you give it enough time to thaw, especially your turkey.

Shortcuts are good

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Mix and match store-bought items with your recipes. Do what you feel would work well for your guests.

Note the dietary restrictions

Even if you are not aware of any particular dietary restriction of any of your guest, make sure to keep a few varied items- vegetarian, vegan, meat.

Plan decorations

A little decoration with flowers, candles, mini gourds might add to the ambience and get the people talking. Also, some soft music playing in the background can keep the guests entertained.

Enjoy the process!

You are here to celebrate so do that. Enjoy it as much as you want your guests too. If the host is relaxed and happy, the party’s going to be a hit.

Happy Thanksgiving :) 


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