How to Prepare a Nice Egghunt

Easter is one of the most significant Christian festivals celebrated worldwide. Presently celebrating Easter with eggs has turned out to be the new trend. The eggs are quoted as the mythical symbol of new life. Many Christians believe that the Easter eggs resemble Lord Jesus's resurrection, as the outer side of the egg represents a dead soul, and the inner part presents a new life.

Preparing the Easter egg and decorating them to look attractive is an excellent way to enjoy the holiday with family and kids. There are a ton of methods to decorate the Easter eggs to add a pinch of elegance to it. You can dye them down or mold chocolate Easter eggs. No matter how you prepare the Easter eggs, you must yield a fruitful result. Here we will share some interesting recipes of the best Easter eggs to make this Easter memorable.

Molding Chocolate Easter Eggs

Oil the molds for chocolates: Smoothen the inner part of the mold with a paper cloth. Dip the paper cloth in a few drops of unflavored oil and gently oil the molds. The oil prevents the chocolate from sticking into the mold.

Chop the chocolates into fine pieces: Here comes the main step. You need to chop the chocolates into fine pieces to ensure it readily melts in the mold. Here you can use a premium chopping board like Maniac's Kitchen Boards, which helps you to quickly cut the chocolates into small pieces. The sleek design of the wooden cutting boards assists you in shaping the chocolates much conveniently. The presents a wide range of premium quality cutting boards that adds a touch of beauty to your kitchen. If you are searching for the ideal Easter gift for your near and dears, reach out to the website and grab exciting boards. We can also participate in the giveaway to win exciting rewards.

Melt the chocolates: Carefully melt the chocolate pieces in a heat-safe bowl. Have your hands-on a candy thermometer and heat the chocolate to 110-degree Fahrenheit. You can also use the microwave oven to melt the chocolate at around 50 percent power for 30 minutes. After 15 to 30 minutes, give the solution a good stir and continue this process until the chocolate completely melts down.

Cool the chocolate solution: After the chocolate has completely melted, let it cool down for a while. Cool it till it reaches room temperature. You can also measure the temperature of the chocolate to reach around 95-degree Fahrenheit.

Add the chocolate solution to half of the mold and swirl to coat: Adjust the mold accordingly so that the chocolate coats it’s inside area. Here a pastry brush can help you to completely coat the mold.

Let the Easter eggs cool down: After applying the chocolate within the molds, let it settle down for around 30 minutes. This will allow the chocolate eggs to be hardened in the mold and take the perfect shape before you can add the next layer of chocolate. To cool them quickly, you can place them in the refrigerator for a moment.

Clean the edges of the mold: Smoothen the edges of the mold with a ruler or a shape knife to ensure that two half edges of the eggs perfectly fit together.

Add more layers of chocolate like before: Now pour more chocolate to form a solid layer. Let it cool and again clean the edges of the mold. Continue this process till you add a minimum of 2 to 3 layers of chocolate. At the end of this process, you can put the preparation into the refrigerator to cool it quickly.

Remove the chocolate half eggs from the mold and stick the two halves: Carefully unmold the Easter eggs, make sure it does not break. Now put them into the baking sheet in the oven for a minute or two. As it gets warmer, lay the chocolate eggs edge-side down. Once you notice the edges getting melted a bit, join both halves to form a delicious chocolate Easter egg.

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Cool boiled eggs: To start with the process, cool all the hard-boiled eggs.

Dip the Easter Eggs into a solution: Prepare a solution with water, one teaspoon of vinegar, and plenty of food color. Remember addition of food color will influence the color of the eggs. Now dip the eggs into the solution and keep in for around 5 minutes. Then carefully remove the eggs, and you are done.



Easter Sunday is a big festival for all those who celebrate the coming of spring after a long harsh spell of winter and particularly this Easter is special as it brings spring metaphorically after a catastrophic year. So, we all are excited to celebrate Easter in the new normal way of festivity. One of the most favorite parts of this festival is the famous Easter Egg Hunt. However, a big question always comes to our mind about how to prepare this event for which all the children, as well as adults, are excited and what about the gifts. No worry at all! In this post, we are going to discuss all new plans for the Easter Egg Hunt that will be enjoyable plus safe for all of us and also some exciting gift suggestions for our near and dear ones. There will be one surprise as well for all of you readers from our end.

Though this game is often played outside, however, due to the pandemic it will be wise to stay inside our sanitized home and enjoy all the festivities with the following tips from our end.

  1. Plan your programme

There’s a saying that everything needs a plan and this is true for organizing an Easter Egg Hunt as well. Make a pre-plan about how many guests you are having and according to that arrange your eggs and baskets. Start by writing about all those areas inside your house that are good spots to hide your baskets of eggs. The next thing will be to clean and sanitize those places so that you and your guests remain safe and healthy. The next step in planning will be to make a map or to write some clues beforehand that you will give to the participants.

  1. Choose your baskets

You can always get baskets from any local shops near your house or through online shops but to make it more interesting you can use some small boxes or tote bags that are already in your house as Easter baskets. Just decorate them with some colors, stars, or ribbons – that will be more fun and festive. If none of these is a good option for you, then you can also ask your guests to bring their own baskets.

  1. Choosing our star – Eggs

Eggs are the main hero here and any planning talks without them will not be complete. You can choose your eggs as per your wish – real eggs that you can decorate or plastic eggs or a mixture of both. Personally, I believe plastic eggs will be a better option as you can fill them up with candies, chocolates, or even small coins. This will be handy as well as exciting for kids who may make a mess out of real eggs. Or you can directly use some chocolate eggs but make sure to hide them along with their wrapper.

  1. Hide your eggs

When you are planning to hide your eggs, check the area to make sure that it is safe to keep your eggs there. As this year most of us are staying inside our house we have to find many hiding spots inside our home only. Drawers, chests of the cupboards, or even behind the sofa seats can be good hiding spots. If you have a small garden or small plants inside your balcony or anyplace, that can be a great hiding spot too. Just a small reminder – Keep your important documents or things in some other place if you use drawers or chests of your cupboards to avoid any misplacement.

  1. Get some prizes

What is a game without any prize? No game will be complete without having any prize to win. You should choose prizes according to the age group of your participants – for small kids things like color books, or colors or pens or pencils along with some goodies can be a good idea. For older children, storybooks or some chessboard, or any other puzzles can be a good prize option.

              Easter is not just about Easter Egg Hunt but also about scrumptious meals and this is the surprise that we have planned for you – our super easy and super delicious Easter recipe for your guests.

One of my favorite and classy recipe for Easter is Salsa which will be light, healthy, and delicious. All we need for Salsa is some fresh tomatoes, onions, green chilies, or jalapeno, and my favorite some freshly chopped coriander leaves. To start with, firstly rinse and then chop 2 medium size tomatoes, 1 medium onion, and few green chilies as per your spice tolerance, and some coriander leaves in your favorite wooden chopping board. After this, transfer the chopped vegetables into a food processor or you can chop them more finely to make a pulp out of them and then put all the mixture into a bowl. Now add ¼ teaspoon cumin powder, ¼ teaspoon black pepper, and salt to taste into the mixture. You can also add some red chili powder for more spice or some fresh lemon juice to make it tangier. Mix them all and your homemade salsa is ready. Now all you need is either some homemade chips or bread which can go very well with your Salsa.

Parties and gifts go hand in hand and when Easter is around, everyone will be prepped about what to gift their friends and guests whom they have invited at their house that will be not only meaningful but also cost-effective, and something that will be loved by everyone. A gift which I can suggest for this Easter and other festivals as well will be a beautiful and traditional maple wood cutting board or some unique styled chopping plus cutting boards which will not only be a good souvenir but also very useful in your friends’ day to day life. Get a look into beautiful, unique and all 100% wooden cutting boards in the given website link which I am sure will be worthy of your time.








Planning a Perfect Easter Hunt

Pick a suitable location - Choose a place to plan an Easter Eggs event. If you are planning a large family get together, it is obvious that you require an outdoor location. Or, if you want to enjoy this Easter with your family and kids, your house can be the ideal location.

Gather all the supplies together - Get the supplies like Easter Eggs and treats. Have hands-on adequate among Easter Eggs to ensure that this celebration's essence does not spoil due to the lack of eggs. Fill the buckets with decorative eggs. You can also try the non-candy alternative of eggs, which many kids love.

Decorate the celebration place - Easter is all about beautiful decorations and colors. Let your kids participate in this process. Let them decorate the house under your supervision.

Hide all the Easter Eggs – If you are celebrating Easter in any outdoor location. It's pretty apparent that you will have plenty of places to hide your Easter Eggs. But if you have the event in your house, carefully choose the locations to hide the eggs to ensure that the kids get a more challenging Easter Eggs hunt.

Get ready for the hunt - If you are hosting tons of kids of different ages. Make sure to divide them into groups according to their ages. Or you can let the youngest hunter have his hands on the eggs. Once they go on the quest, begin a countdown of around 30 seconds before passing it to the older age groups. Now join them and enjoy the Easter Eggs Hunt.





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