Key Features of a Maple Wood Cutting Board

Key Features Maple Wood Cutting Boards

  • OUTSTANDING QUALITY - WILL NOT CRACK OR WARP LIKE BAMBOO - Solid Maple wood cutting boards have a dense structure and self-healing abilities, so it lasts much longer than bamboo and are gentle on your knife. Our chopping blocks are made of Natural Sugar Maple Wood which is one of the best types of maple wood. Moreover we carefully limit the pieces of wood used to a 3 inch width since wider pieces of wood tend to warp with time. These pieces are glued together using FDA approved food grade glue.
  • GENTLE ON YOUR KNIFE – WILL NOT DULL YOUR KNIFE – Unlike bamboo, Maple Wood is easier and GENTLER ON YOUR KNIFE and protects blade from dulling. This board will not crack, splinter or warp, because is made of robust and strong maple hardwood. We also finish the wood cutting boards with a mineral oil which gives them a nice look and helps preserve them.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL, HYGIENIC & CLEAN - The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approves Maple for commercial kitchen use. Maple wood is self-healing since it absorbs left over bacteria and kills them by depriving bacteria from oxygen. Unlike other standard carving board or butcher blocks that fill your kitchen board with bacteria affecting you and your family. Be safe and protect your loved ones: get a Maple Wood cutting board!
  • SUSTAINABLE & HANDMADE IN USA - abundant in North America, solid American Hard Maple wood (or simply Sugar Maple) are responsibly sourced and when cut, the trunk stock or seedlings are left so they can regrow making it a sustainably sourced American wood. The hardwood maple is ideal for wood cutting boards since it is denser than silver maple and big leaf maple.
  • FANTASTIC LOOK, REVERSIBLE & MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – GREAT GIFT - Premium craftsmanship with rounded radius edges and an oil rubbed finish perfect for entertaining indoors or outdoors use. We have also included a drip edge around the contour of the carving board to collect your food juices and keep your board clean. It is also reversible and multi-functional, as you can use it for cutting, chopping or as a cheese serving tray – on barbecues, wine and cheese nights or on daily cooking routines.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and EXTENDED WARRANTY – We are so confident YOU WILL LOVE IT. If for some reason you do not, we guarantee a full refund. We also offer you a 3 months extended warranty upon registration when you receive your board!

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