Lack of adequate space is a common cutting and customary problem in every household, especially in the kitchen that demands a whole lot of attention and detail to turn itself into a functional space. Whether you're a house owner or a renter, decorating the kitchen with wooden cutting boards of varying shapes and sizes adds a warm and welcoming touch to the kitchen space. For a novice, it is the most affordable DIY trend to cleverly repurpose household items for practical purposes. A wooden board can be upcycled and given a new life even when worn out, alongside serving a supremely aesthetic look to your kitchen. The commonly used cutting boards to renovate your kitchen include stacked breadboards, cheeseboards, as well as state shape cutting boards as part of your backlash décor. You can check out some premium quality state shape cutting boards exclusively from Kitchen Board Maniacs.



The wooden cutting board is the perfect choice for a home décor enthusiast, looking for something new to collect culinary-wise. A fine piece of natural wood is practically the most perfect complement to a mundane white and gray kitchen.  While shopping for wooden cutting boards, you should preferably engage more in hardwoods like maple, walnut, cherry, teak, and bamboo, which are the most durable and gorgeous woods available.

A marble cheese board is a super handy and useful serving platter, that should be tucked away from the pantry, and put out on display for the world to view. Simply put it in the refrigerator for an hour, and then take it to serve fresh and cold cheese and fruit on it.

A rustic-styled cutting board, on the other hand, has an exposed woodgrain surface that makes it elegant as well as functional. A real edge wooden cutting board is an extremely handy countertop for mincing fresh herbs or dicing peak-season tomatoes, or simply to be used as tabletop or buffet trivia.

A round wooden cutting is an exceptionally essential item to fill up your kitchen space given its convenient handles and its ability to stack behind perfectly and hide unnecessary items efficiently that affect the aesthetics of the space. For instance, a big electrical unit is extremely essential yet unattractive at the same time but can be easily stacked behind with a natural gorgeous wooden cutting board.



  1. Serving Tray – A beautifully styled bamboo cutting board can be utilized as a gorgeous serving tray to beautifully present an assortment of healthy dried fruit with dark chocolates. A reusable serving tray with some convenient handles is preferably more functional and is perfect for a dinner date with a generous portion of each item served in an attractive arrangement.
  2. Wall Art – A natural antique piece of wooden cutting board can easily be repurposed into wall art that adds a rich visual flavor to any space. The warm natural texture creates a stylish farmhouse décor ambiance to your kitchen and makes space look more cozy and real. For a novice who has barely ever tried their hands at painting, the easiest option is to use a stencil to paint the designs and some daily motivational quotes for some decorative repurposing.
  3. Clipboard – You can customize an old and dull wooden cutting board into an operational clipboard by adding some pinch clips to the board. Make sure the board a smooth surface and is rigid enough for you to write on. You can opt for a size appropriate for you and design it accordingly, keeping it plain or adorned as your heart desires.
  4. Notepad Holder – A copious amount of household and kitchen chores every day can disrupt all the plenty of other tasks lined up throughout the day. To avoid missing out on any other task, your first task every morning should be jotting down the to-do list on a note and sticking it on a fine elegant piece of the wooden cutting board, which serves as a unique kitchen décor and can be altered every day.
  5. Blackboard – Never miss out on essentials by keeping an easy and efficient track of all that you need to fetch on your next trip to the store. For starters, paint up an antique wooden board with chalkboard paint to quickly jot down your shopping list. Add a hook and your cute piece of décor is ready to be hung on your kitchen wall.


Therefore, cutting boards of varying shapes and species serve as a perfect functional accessory to furnish your kitchen. While rectangular breadboards are the most commonly available and inexpensive option, marble, granite, slate, or natural wood also serve as a great option for displaying a gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing kitchen, alongside some fresh beautiful flowers that give a nice pop of color and a fragrant ambiance. You can treat yourself to an amazing collection of state shape wooden cutting boards exclusively from Kitchen Board Maniacs. So, get your hands on your treasure trove today!

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